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Arms race

“Mental Things are alone Real; what is Calld Corporeal
  Nobody Knows of its dwelling Place”
    ~ William Blake, Notes to A Vision of the Last Judgment (1810)

In primate culture healthy is sexy
The female’s role is nurture
The male’s hierarchology
The young’s to pick up survival skills soon crucial
The desire to play
The threat a group that outwits
The trend intelligence
The feel uninhibited
Enmity camaraderie teamwork

In tribal culture strong is sexy
The woman’s role is a burden
The man’s defense
The youth’s to master handiwork soon useful
The desire to dance
The threat a group that invents
The trend wonder
The feel unsettled
Doubt faith vision

In modern culture façade is sexy
The girl’s role is teasing
The guy’s escape
The little monster’s to get education soon resented
The desire to destroy
The threat a group that terrorizes
The trend stupidity
The feel inhibited
Depression anxiety ennui

    September 2015

Thanks always returns

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