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“I must pattern my life about you.”
    ~ Eric Johnson, “Desert Rose” from the album Ah Via Musicom (1990)

Of all the ways we’ve found to undermine our own contentment
Is that of most effect not escalation of commitment?
For those of us who’ve never found the ties that are worth tying
And those who can’t imagine which careers are satisfying
As well as those whose sense of worth requires endless buying
Plus those who cling to all their youthful aspects till they’re dying,
Of all commitments made at large to rob us most of joy
Is that by which we each agree to stay a girl or boy
Not putting off our adolescence till we make the grave?
If we’d all fit the part — this cropped off hair and perfect shave
Say that our girls who seek fulfillment emulating men
Are really emulating boys — there’d be no grownups then:
We’d each just look to daddy god or mommy government
Relying on their spokes-folks, not our own best discernment,
As if those folks had patterned us by negative design
To make of us obedient young kids who keep in line
Each other; yet if I discern your handcuffs badge and gun
I’m made not so much an adult as someone on the run:
Shall you not wield the force that guards a lifetime of investment
When your arrest and mine’s our escalation of commitment?

    September 2014

Thanks always returns

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