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“If God hated flesh, why did He make so much of it?”
    ~ Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land (1961)

We wear the masks that have the proper fit.
The look of rouge on each appealing cheek
Makes others think the flow of blood to it
Is healthy and abundant. A warm streak
Of redness at the lips means the same thing.
Mascara on each eyelash is a sign
Of strong and healthy follicles; what’s more
Nutrition lends a person’s hair a shine
That also can be bought at any store
That sells conditioner. In days of old
We wore long underwear on long, cold nights,
With britches over them by day. We’re bold
Enough now to instead wear spandex tights
With nothing over them nor underneath,
As living teases to each man we pass.
Why should we try so hard to but bequeath
Upon someone, sometimes a piece of ass?
Without all this, sex would be just as nice,
And we’d get as much skin-to-skin contact,
For men would still take us, not thinking twice:
The problem’s not that we fail to attract,
But what society has put us through.
We’re trained to work, and spoiled all the same;
We value love, too lazy to be true,
Or far too busy. What a cryin’ shame
Our soulless quest for each business transaction
Means even feigned health won’t fulfill attraction
But rather cause such sexual frustration
That men would really fare best with castration.

If a creature of quadrupedal ancestry tends to link sexual attraction primarily with visual appearance
Isn’t that because the penis by which it arranges reproduction is prominent and big?
If the penis is big, isn’t that because the vagina that fits and massages it is big?
If the vagina’s big, isn’t that because the heads of the offspring it must pass are big?
If the offspring’s heads are big, isn’t that because the offspring’s brains are big?
If the offspring’s brains are big, isn’t that because the animal’s intelligent?
If the penis is prominent, isn’t that because of the animal’s typical stance on hind legs?
If the animal stands on hind legs, isn’t that because its forepaws can serve as coordinated manipulators?
If the forepaws are well-coordinated, isn’t that because the animal constructs complex things with them?
If the animal constructs complex things thoughtfully, isn’t that because the animal thinks?
Should that be true
Intelligent creatures that use their front paws constructively and thoughtfully
Will tend to link sexual attraction with visual appearance.
If rodents or amphibians someday become significantly brainier, won’t the same thing happen again?

Those who fail to fit the mold will suffer;
Often so will those who fit all right.
Those who think creatively face tougher
Challenges, yet all remain uptight
With such care as to how the rest may see us
That all the “lower” animals would laugh
To think of it — but they would dare not be us:
Might they blow the planet right in half
In less time we’ve had the means to do so?
This leads directly into my main point.
Reader, you’re not bad or ugly, you know.
Go easy on yourself; libido’s joint
Some funkier than you, and here’s a fact:
For each of us, there’s someone we attract.
I pray the smartest of us lose the fear
That we’re no more than good as we appear.

Thanks always returns

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