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Beloved dictators

“Look very carefully,
  It may be you.”
    ~ Electric Light Orchestra, “Here Is the News” from the album Time (1982)

How convenient one hundred percent of the vote
Went to Kim Jong Un
We call that dominion a dictatorship
Since it votes just for fun.

How convenient the politician to doubt
The orator to puff
Is picked by the moguls of national news
So we keep up enough.

How convenient we’re picked up while we’re very young
In logos printed bold
And spoon-fed by hands bearing jars of the brands
Our parents have been sold.

How convenient we’re scanned before we’re even born
By equipment worth thousands of bucks
That rattles our brains as some doctor explains
Why not doing yet more of this sucks.

How convenient that neighbors and friends all around
Act as though it’s a crime to not vaccinate
What Gulag is needed when those who’ve not heeded
Are characters these will assassinate?

How convenient so much is now riding on tires
Compelled to get straight back on site
The layoffs have left a packed road that inspires
While auto techs make out all right.

How convenient the toys look like wireless gizmos
Let’s text by the time we turn four
If adults don’t text back then they show that they lack
Any coolness — they’re all such a bore.

How convenient we get along great with our friends
Since all of us think just the same
One who’d disagree would be left out, you see,
To a life of contempt and deep shame.

How convenient we grow up with true liberty
That we pledge to uphold and would fight to bestow
Though they say talk is cheap, pray tell what sort of creep
Says we talk most of that which we’d most like to know?

How convenient the modern upbringing of kids
Who are trained, if they’re smart, to compete
Which they’ll do till they win, in some corporate bullpen,
The assurance their lives are complete.

How convenient that none thinks maturity rocks:
To keep form matched to state beneath long wavy hair
From behind she’s your slim vision with raven locks
Till she turns to the face of your withered nightmare.

How convenient our daddy newscast lets us know
That Putin’s immoral; Ukraine should be free
To praise our fine union — and if its folks show
Their disinterest, soon they’ll too lack morality.

    March 2014

Thanks always returns

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