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Beyond description

“There are two ways to live your life: 1) as though nothing were a miracle; 2) as though everything were.”
    ~ Albert Einstein

The love that can be put in words is not the kind that’s bonding
The joy that can consume our hearts is not the kind that ends
What mystery brings those with whom we go on corresponding?
What fate brings those who come to be our lovers and our friends?

With time we understand not what love is but how to grow it
Through little things, attention brings the give, the take, the time
We have together and would have again — should love bestow it —
Together, should again our guiding stars but to align

The hard times we must face aren’t near so hard as when we’re lonely
When good times roll, they roll the best because they’re times we share
Just as we realize this is love, we realize love’s not only
This, as it’s the whole wide world for whom we come to care

    February 2015

Thanks always returns

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