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“B! E!!!
A! G! G!!!
R! E! S! S! I! V! E!!!”
    ~ A popular American football cheer

Most creatures don’t bother to kill without cause.
Why ask, once you’ve riled one enough,
If nature or nurture prepared its strong jaws
To quickly make of you dead stuff?
The tiger exhibit was viewed from above
So patrons could best interact;
No barred cage constrained those proud cats dreaming of
The wilds that they’d once deadly tracked.
One day a few jerks came to taunt; on that cue
One cat leaped and made an escape;
One jerk, awed at last by the fangs and red spew,
Reached death with his mouth still agape.
His fleet-footed friends wag their fingers of blame
At not just the beast but the zoo.
Well, fellas, you each do this to your own shame:
Three fingers of yours wag at you.

The cheerleader went to the football star’s pad
And what would you think happened next?
She’d given her home team the best moves she had;
His BMX bike got her sexed,
Or so she apprised him — but there was one snag:
She just was too young to put out.
Say who could’ve warned her it’s murder to drag
Tough heroes by their jewels about?
Her father’s petitioned to pass a new law
Since curfews and safety zones fail:
The parents of convicts should — to our hurrah —
Go rot with their offspring in jail.
Well, daddy, your girl wagged her hips at trained brutes
And showed them a lot of leg too.
As you wag one finger and look for salutes
Three fingers of yours wag at you.

    September 2014

Thanks always returns

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