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“Let’s not look back to the past with anger, nor towards the future with fear, but look around with awareness.”
    ~ James Thurber, foreword to Lanterns & Lances (1961)

For as long as I’ve known you
     you’ve acted quite sure
That you’re checked into heaven —
     I wonder what for
Are you present on Earth
     with its pain & allure —
Do you set an example as
     if what’s in store
Is the life that you’re living,
     if just more & more
You’ll re-enter the church
     mall & restaurant door
To be ever well served
     by those who may seem poor
In your eyes, if those see
     they’re more rich at the core,
If this world sees no way
     it can even the score
Is it blind by the grace
     of the God you adore?

    February 2018

Thanks always returns

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