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“Do not neglect your gift...”
    ~ 1 Timothy 4:14 (NIV)

It’s quiet
No tension in my head
Around my eyes
In my jaw
Through my throat
In my shoulders
Down my arms
In my wrists, fingers, hands
Across my chest
In my abdomen
Along my back
In my pelvis, legs, feet, or toes

I take the time
To relax all aspects of myself
And again

I breathe love into my heart
It looks like nothing of this world
Yet everything
As it fills me from the center

I exhale from my heart
Allowing unfelt anxieties
To depart with my breath
Out of everything
Straight out through my chest and away

I breathe gratitude into my heart
It enters as formless light
From everything
Then penetrates to beat through my veins

I exhale from my heart
The thanks that always returns
From me to the world
Into everything

I breathe trust into my heart
It feels calm and safe
With everything
As it frees me from concern

I exhale from my heart
The truth that there is no blame
In everything
The peace of understanding

I breathe compassion into my heart
With a new perspective it flows
From my core to my extremities
And back

I exhale from my heart
Which, though it stays here with me
Shares the miracle of knowing you
With love

Lightly now
I breathe awareness into my heart
Wonder and awe complete me
Through the revelations in the details
To be found everywhere in everything

And lightly
I exhale from my heart
Sensing awe-inspiring divine grace
Upon receiving
From everywhere and everything

I breathe unfettered joy into my heart
And mirth that has no object
Because it needs no reason
To break all barriers within and without

My heart and belly join in deep laughter
Which releases itself with all my breath
As my entire body joins in
With no constraints in lungs or throat
Or anywhere else

I breathe life and health into my heart
See their beauty shine through me
My body and spirit whole

And deeply
I exhale from my heart
The cycle that will continue
Whether I’m there or not

    For the technique on which these images are based I credit
    the HeartMath Institute

Thanks always returns

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