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“The truth will set you free.”
   ~ John 8:32 (NIV)

Why deny
Just one cyst in the water
The smallish rodent drank that day
Enough to pattern its colon with clones
Transmitted through cytoplasm
Cell by cell reaching nerves and glands
Now reprogrammed to find cats as alluring
As the protozoan prefers an environment
Stimulating for sexual interplay
Arranging a dispensable host as transport
To a cozier home
For bugs seeking to mingle

Why deny
Linkage of invaders and behavior
Evolution’s development of habitat exchange
Sex by stepwise refinement
Which infections fail to bring
Altered state and attitude change
That the funny farmers fail to search
For bugs deranging the mind

Why deny
Viruses in situ recur
Mutating a bit for each occasion
The illness takes over for days
Which drug or herb or organism can help
Longer than the intestinal worms’
Lifecycle of transmission link to link
A family chain living out host lives
Carriers on the inside
For bugs regrouping out of reach

Why deny
Transference from animal buddies
The dogs whose feces others nose
The horses and cows whose droppings spread
The cats so comfortable
Their innards promote entanglement
For bugs guiding the inevitable breakdown

Why deny
As ordered systems tending toward entropy
Even in the absence of schemes devised
By wayward or mainstream scientists
That cause predator-seeking
For the prey
Which alien offspring issue from an abdomen
Issue’s well within reach
For bugs hooking us on drugs

Why deny
The parasitic effects invading souls
Expectations of family work religion corporation government
As not so curable
As physical invaders
As artemisia annua black walnut goldenseal myrrh quassia wormwood
Fail to expel
Let’s meditate
Invite radiance upon this dwelling
Who wouldn’t reinforce its seven colored bands
Surrounding that it may repel all energies that are
Jiggly competitive depressing demanding fearful manipulative invalidating
Admit the supportive even easy collaborative compassionate reasonable intuitive
Making a cozy home
For us

Thanks always returns

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