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“The moral flabbiness born of the exclusive worship of the bitch-goddess SUCCESS:
  That — with the squalid cash interpretation put on the word success — is our national disease.”
    ~ William James, in a letter to H. G. Wells (September 11, 1906)

Is the world of people
In fact good for people?
Does business mean insanity?
Or does insanity mean business?

Isn’t business cool?
Isn’t consumption cool?
We do business and
Aren’t we cool and
Cooler by the buck
Cooler by the shipment
Cooler by the fever’s breaking
Cooler by the way
Too cool
Consumption blocking our lungs
Till our breath slows to nothing
Requirements chilling our blood
Till our hearts freeze through
Policy and brand and competition
Till we face escalations
Connoting the tensions leading toward violence
Yet have no problems
Only issues
For we expect the unreasonable
And get what we expect
To keep us screen-bound
When the people are cold
What else to do but work
Force our hands
To the cold will of business
Make it ours
As nothing flows
As nothing nurtures
As nothing’s happening at all
Doesn’t a world where everything must be
On time
All the time
Bring time to a stop

Abednego, are you yet there
Yet defying the lovelorn and faithless
Yet wagging your pert tongue at their useless authority
That yet relegates you to cleansing flames
Shall you prefer coolness or warmth
If once you praised the cool
As of the divine
To interpret the reaction
Of nature to business
Her greenhouse chapel reaching higher
Through boundless consumption
Her storms and winds breathing harder
Through bureaucratic isolation
Her icy extremities melting into flow
Through brittle captive being
Moistening soothing resurrecting
Lifting it to light ascension warmth
Shall her coexistence with business
Yet transform rather than destroy
Yet lament the fall of Icarus
Your kindred spirit
In trust
In the superhumanly creative father
In the vision conceived of the height
Above labyrinthine confines
In the fourth person
Shall one serve as witness
Making reality
By bringing it to awareness
By walking about in there with you
By conscious choice
Shall you welcome loss
Of wings
By a million furnaces alight
By the consumption of long-dead forests
By the waste of greed
By the end
Shall you find being cool
To warm business
To warm people
To warm interactions contraptions transactions
To yourself
On the company’s time
On the cooperation senselessly confined among friends and lovers
On the job restored from exotic locales
On the exorcism of ice and fire
Shall you find a morsel of advice
Warm up, Abednego
You’ve kept your cool so long
Frostbite might burn you yet
How long since you proved
How you can take some heat

Can the world of people
Be truly good for people?
What might we become
Rising with the warmth
Beyond what’s cool?

Thanks always returns

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