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“It was misery but I coddled it
  Because it was mine”
    ~ author unknown

Could there be but one cardinal sin
How would it be anything other than that sin
Known as cynicism
If that which starts with an ‘s’ serves separation
From the sovereign the saints and salvation
Does that which starts with a ‘c’ not cause cuts
From community creation and compassion
Don’t those who care for churches learn
To fear many sins and one God
Or semblance of Godliness each Sunday
Making all the rest of the week’s devilment just hunky dory
Don’t those who care for themselves and their world unlearn
All but love
What’s simpler
Than compassion for self and others
What’s more destructive
Than self-destructiveness
What other form exists
Can human destructiveness not be anatomized
By way of dismal conclusion
A certain percentage of people tending to it
At least in societies we call civilized
Those tendencies on the increase
With modernity
Let me know
Someone who must know
That particular anatomy
Someone who’s made a conclusion of his own
That he’s the percentage
Writing a few pithy lines
On the whiteboard we share
In our two-geek office:

Life sucks
Everything’s a piece of shit
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
There you go

There may have been another rule
In that summation of a boomer’s experience
Greying into what suspiciously appears
An entire lifetime of right-handedness
But if it’s up there I’m forgetting it
Sure as illusion of time’s fading my memory
I see him there
It’s the pith that fades
Sure as everything’s fitting
With those responsive pleadings
If I let it slip that my network connection’s flaky
He retorts with his second verse
If I confess distrust in a politician or manager
He recites the third
Or if I simply get a hard time
From some hard-driving customer
Whose hard demands are never met
As soon as the ordeal lifts enough for him
To sneak me three words
There his encouragement goes
After the layoff
After he falls out of touch
After he doesn’t return my calls
I suppose I’ll never hear from him again
Yet I do
To this day
What can I say
There you go

If you cheat
Is it because there’s not enough
Because there’s too much
Or because I might win
If you lie
Is it because I can’t face truth
Because I’m unreliable
Or because I might appropriate your secrets
If you’re jealous spiteful nervous slothful
Is it because of lack in the world outside
Or because of lack inside
If you kill
Is it because you might die
Or because you’re proud
Too proud to not take on the hunt
If you’re proud
Is it because you’re about to fall
Or because of your cause
Which cause really exists
The one that’s followed by the effect
Or the one that follows
No need to ask
Just observe

Thanks comes
Does it not
With my highest expectations
Is it because I lazily crave to be served
Is it because I’m unrealistic or insane
Is it because I’ve received a load of cargo
Is it because of anything
Other than that the way things are
Isn’t the way things are
But the way I see them

Look over there
Is the person I most need to meet
Not coming my way right now
Is the world not abundant
There’s oxygen to breathe
Wild food growing freely
Lakes streams oceans of refreshing water
Can I not make friends
Everywhere I go
I need to be needed
And if I’m drawn to someone
Intending only value for us both
Is it not a sure bet I’m needed somehow
Why would unfettered intuition lie
For what reason
To not have thanks
At heart
What else is there

Who am I
What am I
Easy to understand
Easier to please than offend
The antithesis of destructiveness
Not running from but heading toward my destiny
Patient in the face of absurdity
Not canned responses to the foibles of civilization
But real, earnestly sincere
Now and forever
And paradise starts here

Thanks always returns

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