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“We can’t teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.”
    ~ Galileo Galilei

You were the best at telling us the stories of the universe
Making sense of its most unearthly aspects
The consequences of relativity
How each material object warps spacetime into declivity
Various planets’ characteristics
The space program’s daunting heuristics
Along with the importance of good international relations
All graced by Chesley Bonestall’s artistic creations
With theme music by Vangelis,
And where are you now? Please tell us
Do you remain so confident you don’t exist
That if someone found your hiding place you’d resist
Her intrusion in your space so introspective
You’re quite the believer from her perspective
Both theists and atheists being affirmatively faithful
Where gnostics and agnostics may remain irreverently doubtful
Since a real unbeliever claims no certainty one way or the other
And a seeress surely can’t be certain she’s seen you, brother
Because you’ve gone to where you’ve claimed you can’t be found
Firmly sticking to your view when in her view you could’ve been bound
For any of the billions of realms you wished to visit before —
A black hole’s middle, a quasar, the galactic core —
Trouble is, who’s there to tell us the stories besides the likes of she,
No more credible than any verse-scrawling odd-wod would be?

Thanks always returns

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