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“We are all Palestinians.”
    ~ Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi (1937)

Call me Mark
So long it’s been since I penned that good news story
I’ve forgotten any other name I might’ve had
Which must be the truth since what I’ve said is said
To be infallible
It seemed good anyway
He worked miracles & roused the rabble
Aggravated their leaders and found himself
Turned in & how convenient they became
When it came time to please the oppressors
They could go on impatiently demanding Bar-abbas
That Son-of-the-father
To lead their rebellion ever alive & well
While we could just settle for our son of man to get victimized
The better to convert the empire slowly
Heart by heart to the very height
So gentle was our message of peace & love
How could I have imagined success beyond belief
How far he’d be elevated
How they’d take the commensurate blame
Where other diasporas end in melting pots
Forgetful of heritage & race & how
These would come to go on
Facing an increasing population oppressed with the growing burden
Of every small error for what it may represent
Of careful adherence to policy for what it may prevent
Of backing the next megalomaniac having lost so many to the previous
Might as well give back in kind
Bolster oppressive regimes around the world
Reaching for a future security that never comes
Rather than sicken over nothing
But the cognitive dissonance
But the doubt
But the world of pointing fingers
The most effective of which would be their own
Building victimization into expectation down the generations
May they wash their kosher victuals down with a dash of bird pepper
Sealing the ulcers & singing souls awake
To that still small voice
Saying who needs security & why
Expect heaven to send someone else to solve our problems for us & why
The picture of the touch of the tarbrush is irritating among most
Beneficiaries of hybrid vigor throughout the rest of the world & why
An arbitrary genetic formula for inclusion means no end
Of discrimination stereotypes violence & who needs to know
This endless echoing & why
I was chosen to dwell
On that most human of reflections
O God
Forgive me
I knew not what I did

    March 2016

Thanks always returns

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