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“You only have to stop being a wanderer in order to be at home.”
    ~ Thich Nhat Hanh, Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers, chapter 2 (1999)

I used to think that climate change would bring its doom about
Unless the fossil fuels it gulps would soon enough run out
Or else a nuclear exchange would prove the swiftest route,
But now I catch a cause that puts those other three in doubt,

A cause I should’ve grasped in junior high when I was hated
For being but the only science nerd there situated;
Through time I found that skill & science were way overrated:
For every ill these solve, a lot more ills are soon instated,

So now, like others, I find modern science uninspiring,
Along with modern skills since modern ills aren’t worth desiring:
If others’ nerdly interests too are nowadays expiring
Then all the gadgets that it needs are soon to be retiring;

There will be no one left to wield an ammeter or crimper,
When all who’ve tried in youth were met with nothing but a simper,
Now those who bucked that trend watch their work simply make it limper
Until it ends not in gusts, gasps, or bangs, but just a whimper.

    December 2016

Thanks always returns

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