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“The only real customer is God”
    ~ Jelaluddin Rumi, “The Shiekh Who Played With Children”

How convenient the standard dinner
Serves eight for a holiday meal
You can get it for ninety-nine dollars
To show how much you feel

How convenient the standard banter
Of sports and weather and stocks
You know these issues sure matter
Yet won’t elicit shocks

How convenient the standard package
Provides a measured dose
For anyone of any size
Adults take one of those

How convenient the standard carriage
That’s not drawn by a horse
The mileage is what varies
You’re free to choose of course

How convenient the standard employee
Who works for standard hours
Replacing one with four Laotians
Provides cost-saving powers

How convenient the standard superstore
Each town one’s come to grace
Where matchsticks can be had for cheap
All choices in one place

How convenient the standard sports hero
For whom such girls scream as crave mating
If you’re not built like him then your prospects are dim
Should you crawl from your shell and try dating

How convenient the standard technical school
Whose core training’s naught but math classes
Preparing nobody for doing a job
While burning out smart lads & lasses

How convenient the standard freedom
Of which staid songs are sung
We all agree that liberty
Be praised by every tongue

How convenient the codes and the judges
Forbid my explaining the laws
So you’ll have to pay some rich shmuck for the chance
To escape all the other shmucks’ jaws

How convenient the standard health fetish
That celebrates every new fad
This time just buy in, for you’re sure to get thin,
Though your SAD changes not by a tad

How convenient the sportsbars saloons & night clubs
Keep serving their well drinks & wine
The more obese jobless autistic & whacked
The more dance like everything’s fine

How convenient the standard contempt for the nerd
Who abides in romantic frustration
The next generation of these, in a word,
Will be hired in some faraway nation

How convenient the standard geek wage slaves
With nothing to do all their lives
But while the long hours displaying geek powers
Unfettered by children or wives

How convenient the standard huge mortgage
For which anyone qualifies
The more we all owe, seems the less we all know
About where all the capital lies

How convenient the standard conceit of the jock
Who can have any girl that should meet him
How convenient for standard purveyors of makeup
And stylings girls need should they meet him

How convenient the standard pet owner
Can find time for resting or walking
Not in comfort of children, the aged, or good friends
But the kind who can do no back-talking

How convenient the sweet standard model
Whatever you’d buy, well, she’s got ‘em
If you can’t afford all the sweet things she sells
You can’t afford her, then, at bottom

How convenient the standard consumer
Production’s like love, as it’s blind,
For once we’ve consumed all we can for this life
We shall check out & leave it behind

How convenient the standard health practice
That doth diagnose each affliction
In ten minutes at most, by the book, so we boast
That our doctors use no intuition

How convenient the standard conceit of the jock
Who can have any girl that he pleases
How convenient the standard conceit of the girl
Who with all others just flirts and teases

How convenient the standard folks marginalized
Each claiming their kind disadvantaged
If not all of us are in margins by now
Why is it our jobs are surplusaged
Our homes are all mortgaged
Our brightest disparaged
Our yes-men encouraged
Our environment savaged
Society pillaged?

How convenient the standard tough customer
We all have a bad time to please her
When those times are standard, the income we earn
Brings a tax that we render to Caesar

How convenient the standard lack of intuition
Prevailing throughout modern culture
Without it we’re all sitting merrily
At the mercy of every odd vulture

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