I. Fall
     Experiment, part one
     Monkey bars
     Nature trail
     The turtle
II. Loser’s progress
     The reliquishing, part one
     In ecclesiis
     Experiment, part two
     Do chang
     Laughter, part one
     Green truck
     Cute and annoying
     The reliquishing, part two
     Last of questions
     Lake Champlain
     Misery’s end
     Laughter, part two
III. Heroes
IV. Return wild
     Experiment, part three
     Medium size
     Puppy cake
     Token hippies
     My dear goto
     The healing
     I love you
     Autumn return
     The yearbooks
V. Homecoming
     On White Rock
     The wild west
     Law library
     Cat’s tail
     Last ride
     Doubting Thomas
     Thanks always returns
VI. Life as art
     Lovers’ prayer
     Gentler silence
     T’ai chi
     The certain
     Sea lions
     Experiment, part four
     First ride

New verse
     Vow out
     Thin line
     The origin of nerds
     The fate of nerds
     Beloved dictators
     How to create a monster
     All the same
     Fair weather parents
     Lament of the magnificent
     First words
     What’s permanent
     Where the heart is
     Modern woman’s blues
     Every right
     Yesterday’s law
     What cure?
     Mornings like this
     Who, me?
     Beyond description
     Your problem
     Tip of the iceberg
     Vicarious victims
     The divinity of nerds
     Arms race
     I don’t know
     Why E=mc2
     Ripple effect
     The humanity of nerds
     What really matters
     Last of family values
     The emperor’s new solar panels
     The emperor’s creed
     More than a creed
     Unholy trinity
     Just dropping in
     Straight talk
     Why the white race is self-loathing
     The inhumanity of nerds
     The nature of love
     Sixth sense
     Tree of knowledge
     The purpose of nerds
     One true purpose
     The rationale of nerds
     The responsibility of nerds
     Original sin
     One person

The themes of thanks — an experimental life’s synopsis

Tao of thanks — a poet’s Tao Te Ching

Thanks always returns

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