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“There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies.
  My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosopy is kindness.”
    ~ Tenzin Gyatso, fourteenth Dalai Lama

It was an Estonia piano
Beautiful I was told
That came to the church in rural Pennsylvania
In memory of a relative’s husband’s mother
Who’d played the old piano
Now replaced
At most every service there for fifty years
When the call came to my mountain home
Overlooking Santa Cruz
Bearing a request
That I come to dedicate it
With my music
I felt honored
I’d never dedicated an instrument
Since in the city this distinction would have fallen
Upon an acknowledged professional
Rural Pennsylvania is short on professionals
Certainly on musicians quite like me anyway
I have a small following
As a composer of music for meditation
People who’ve listened to my recordings
Have blogged about visionary experiences
That have come during playback
In the proper setting
Typically not a church
I supposed
What sort of church had the Estonia piano
Found itself in
So I asked
And I was told
I’d be playing a Church of God
A denomination less than familiar to me
Next I wondered
How the parishioners might react
To the prospect of a dedication
Performed by a guy from the Santa Cruz Mountains
Whose reputation for visionary music would precede him
In case anyone curious about this California visitor
Would bother to search the Web
So I asked
And I was told
Nobody would search the Web
Which I found questionable
These weren’t youth speaking with me
I then wondered
Whether the minister might share his thoughts
Regarding my visionary Web presence
So I asked
And I was later told
That they spoke with him
About the proposed length
Of my proposed performance
Try as I might
I couldn’t convince anyone in contact with me to discuss
The central question of mine
With anyone else
Either the minister
Or any potential Church-of-God-going Web searchers
The last time I asked
I was told
Sure I could play some old-time hymns
Which I figured might well be heard
Just as some of the audience
Would be searching my name on their PDAs
And reading about entrainment
About the last thing I need
Is to pay for air travel
Only to outrage fundamentalists
All those piano lessons
Surely weren’t intended to lead
To this
Until now
It’s been relatives who’ve done the traveling
To bring me the message
That I’m hellbound
Why change such a tradition
All of which led me to pray
To keep Santa Cruz weird

Thanks always returns

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