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“Those who know don’t talk
  Those who talk don’t know
  Close the mouth
  Calm the surface
  Temper the sharp
  Unravel the knot
  Soften the glare
  Leave all as dust
  This is Oneness”
    ~ Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, chapter 56

The injury was chronic and the pain was something fierce.
He took aim with his instrument; short pulses did it burst
Of strong coherent infrared he guided for to pierce
The depths of inflammation where he found it to be worst.

He’d worked out this procedure with a colleague; they’d thought through
Which frequency this YAG and neodymium device,
Meant as a surgeon’s tool, emitted was ideal, and too,
For best effect to tone it down just where it wouldn’t slice.

The innovators, both experienced in their own fields,
Experimented deeply ‘ere their patients heard the news
And found their new technique, among all others extant, yields
For many chronic ailments the best treatment they could choose.

I said: Why is the world not hearing from the two of you
The details of your novel form of laser therapy?
If writing is the trouble, I could do an interview,
That covers both your method and its deep efficacy.

He said: One doctor pioneered injection treatments, went
The lecture circuit, speaking on the decades of his work —
As he’d administered three hundred thousand shots and spent
Late nights collating great results — and guess what was his perk

For speaking out? Not one physician followed up his talks
Expressing any interest in a method shown to heal.
Instead, the medical review board’s stoolie surely stalks
Symposia: for mail came stating he’d be forced to heel.

Required for him was, in their smooth terms, remediation.
He chose a young retirement — and am I any tougher?
Inventiveness is disallowed; this deep’s the situation:
You fly below the radar, or your patients’ health will suffer.

    August 2014

Thanks always returns

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