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“How can I help it if I think you’re funny when you’re mad?”
    ~ Barenaked Ladies, “One Week” from the album Stunt (1998)

Woman: “...and she shall be called ‘woman’ for she was taken out of man” — how obvious that a man wrote that sexist nonsense!

God: You feel it’s nonsense that the feminine arises from the masculine?

Woman: Can’t you see that the men need to feel superior? They want to convince us that a woman adds up to just one rib of a man.

God: Could it be that the man needs reassurance that the woman fits naturally with him, so he need not be alone?

Woman: I must be going crazy. How can I talk to myself and get drivel about men needing reassurance?

God: What makes you feel you’re talking to yourself?

Woman: I sure wouldn’t be talking to God or something.

God: If you’re so sure about yourself, then could it really be the man who isn’t so sure?

Woman: Again! Those men! Women are the ones who give birth to them, not the other way around, and what do we get in return?

God: Might a man not love a woman?

Woman: Maybe, but why do we keep finding men don’t treat us fairly, don’t pay us fairly, and don’t appreciate us as people?

God: As long as people don’t appreciate each other, how can appreciation come about?

Woman: Don’t blame me for dropping the ball. I’m supposed to keep up a home, earn an income, raise children, and on and on.

God: Is life easy for anyone?

Woman: You tell me why I have to do all that while those men are taking it easy.

God: Does a female rabbit, deer, or cat do all that?

Woman: A deer doesn’t live in the modern world. No mortgage, no taxes, no boss, and the children don’t even talk back.

God: Can you imagine how a mother deer would feel if she were expected to get up early every day and spend most waking hours out of touch with her family, while her little ones get raised mostly by a bunch of other deer?

Woman: Come on, what do a deer and I have in common?

God: Do you realize how similar you are to other mammals?

Woman: You just want to dehumanize me.

God: How do you expect little humans to feel when their families keep leaving them at daycare?

Woman: I don’t see how this is connected to the lack of fair treatment for women.

God: Isn’t it connected if people have lost respect for themselves along the way?

Woman: But a woman should get to have her own space, her own direction, and her own career.

God: Who says these are the most important things?

Woman: Anyone says that who wants to live a productive life.

God: What’s the measure of a productive life?

Woman: Hey, I’ve made the grades and closed the deals and made some of those men look twice. I call that productive.

God: What would your great grandmother have called it?

Woman: There was a time when women were chattel. Back then, what aspirations could they have?

God: Won’t people aspire more or less to whatever family and society promote?

Woman: Our society’s supposed to promote freedom. It’s only on paper though.

God: Freedom from what?

Women: Freedom to do whatever we please, within the law.

God: What confinement keeps you from being pleased?

Woman: Men get too many breaks, too many privileges, and a lot more freedom. We women have known that for a long time.

God: And in recent decades a woman like you began aspiring to make things even?

Woman: That aspiration was always there. It must have been that the women of long ago were afraid to voice it, or even if they did, that the men who wrote the history books left their voices out.

God: How do you know?

Woman: Call it a woman’s intuition.

God: A woman’s intuition is surely worth respect, but might the banks have influenced it in this case?

Woman: What banks?

God: At some point, didn’t banks begin selling personal credit lines to many women of the industrialized world?

Woman: You mean women once relied totally on family bank accounts – all of them set up for men really – and then we finally got to spend our own money.

God: Or to build up your own debt, just like a man – and would you call that freedom?

Woman: It wasn’t freedom. Though we could shop with our own money, the men were already established in business and didn’t want us participating so we could earn that money for ourselves.

God: Would a man like living as part of a family?

Woman: Who said they wouldn’t have families? It often takes two incomes to just own a home.

God: Were things always that way?

Women: Not for the deer, I guess.

God: Wouldn’t a man respect you if he needed you to help afford a home?

Women: Men are way too needy. Now we pay off homes for them, and they want still more out of us.

God: If you can help share the work that provides for a man’s needs as well as your own, why deny that help?

Woman: Oh, sure, one day he sees that he’s needy, and the next day he doesn’t want to admit it. He uses women and still blames us for his inability to cope. The fact that there are so many of these codependent men is part of the reason we still don’t have equality.

God: Is it better for a woman to live alone?

Woman: Why can’t more men understand the need for boundaries in relationships?

God: What boundaries would you have a man understand?

Woman: He can’t dump needs, guilt trips, and whatever else onto me and expect me to pick up his dirty socks, too.

God: Isn’t what you call boundaries just what people used to call respect?

Woman: Do you respect me?

God: How much respect would I show if I didn’t let you work yourself out of the complexity you’ve co-created or die trying?

Woman: Are you talking about me, women in general, or the whole society?

God: How much difference is there?

Woman: I’ve had it with your generalizing. I’m independent, damn it.

God: Can you imagine how many requests I get to damn things?

Woman: God, I get more than enough requests to believe and do all kinds of crazy things.

    July 2016

Thanks always returns

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