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“There cannot be anything I must fit the poem into.
  Everything must be made to fit into the poem.”
    ~ Amiri Baraka aka LeRoi Jones, “How You Sound??” (1959)

Under his hands
The body’s malleable
He finds stuck spots
Resets them
Corrects structural
And no doubt spiritual obstructions
A hands-on healer
Practicing in the name of osteopathy

I first asked whether
He could reestablish
Upper body flexibility
Decades after near-fatal electrical contact
Left inner catching
After many sessions
Castor oil compresses between times
Regular unusual stretches
Core strengthening
More breaks
From the chair
Often for walks
Spent in visualization
Old stiffness and pain subsided
Under his hands

I next asked whether
He could clear
The varicocele that was aching
In a groin maligned and restricted
From before its time
To my surprise
He simply told me
What to do
“You need looser underwear”
Years earlier
At a friend’s guidance
I’d loosened
On the outside
Now I loosened beneath
Left things hanging free
With some horse chestnut
For good vein strengthening measure
Out faded visible web and invisible pain
In faded a sense of manly vigor
As initial awkwardness
Gave way to swinging flow
By the time I presented
My case to the jury
I just might’ve known
The virility
To be sort of presentable

I then asked whether
He could smooth the working
Of a jaw misaligned
After a junior high fist or three
Left my yawn clicking
“This”, said he
“I’ve never done
  You might try prolotherapy”
Wondering what injections could do
In the face of offset
I returned
Some months later
And entreated
“You can do it
  I have faith”
So he opened wide my mouth
Reached in with gloved hand
Made putty of sinews
Stretched ligaments
Gently adjusted the jawline
“It’s like the Grand Canyon”
  I can see eagles flying in there”
After a few sessions
Under his hands
I saw a different face
In the mirror
Balanced and even

He’d loosened my body
Restored comfort and flexibility
Vitalized my manhood
Smoothed a skewed bite
Improved my appearance
I felt good
As a baby
Who’d matured without trauma
What more could be asked
Of a doctor?

Thanks always returns

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