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“The more I think about language, the more it amazes me that people ever understand each other at all.”
    ~ Kurt Gödel, as quoted by Hao Wang in Reflections on Kurt Gödel

So many here
Each cheaper than the last
Yet we want and want and want
The next
Once it’s on the shelf
To look on inscrutably
Sharing thoughts
With all the others

Our wondering
How all those hours before the screen
Whatever it may have been showing
Were view enough
For penetrating the ice
For participation
For knowing what to trust
How all those practiced jump shots
However many may have been sunk
Were perfect enough
For release
For opening the heart
For knowing how to share
How all those pages of homework
However high the grades may have climbed
Were educational enough
For friendship
For community
For knowing who to love
And who loves
Is clearly understandable
To these onlookers
Of meaningless expressions
And ceaseless dreams

Since we met
Since I might consider myself one of yours
Since you might consider yourself one of mine
I know this room
Its four walls
Its fabricated smiles
Its virtual reality
We have in common
The way to recognize
Through shared sense of scale
Through shared vision
The quest for freedom
Through shared commitment
To be viewed as real
Requires reality
And its projection
Or a believing viewer
If one’s there

Our lives
Make no change necessary
But in our hearts
Which warm from their ice
Which ponder amazedly
Which perspective’s better
Than that of wrecking ball and backhoe
Renovating this spectacle of spectators
In their mausoleum
A confine fit for the dead
And best forgotten
As we cherish the living
Pile on the wonder
That it ever could’ve existed
That we ever could’ve believed
That we ever could’ve been identified with
Anything but ourselves

Thanks always returns

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