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Doubting Thomas

“These things that I do, so shall you do, and more.”
   ~ John 14:12, as paraphrased by Richard Gerber in Vibrational Medicine (1988)

“Why doubt — because you fear the things you see?”
Sure, I’ll admit that there’s some part of me
That might prefer it’s all just solid stuff
Yet what in this wide world’s solid enough
If only mass and energy are true?
Would there be any romance left for you?
No I don’t doubt at all because of that;
I’d fear much more to see the world as flat
Than with these beautiful dimensions hid
Till their appearance, when I like, I bid.

“Why doubt — because real faith means you can’t fit?”
And if I can’t, whatever’s wrong with it
As if I’m a crowd-pleaser anyway
The fact that I have anything to say
At all once I come back from my strange trips
Earns me strange looks, stunned silence, but no tips.
No I don’t doubt in order to be liked;
I still can earn a living and get psyched
To meet the few like me who see the same
Things that I see; why should I play a game?

“Why doubt — because belief means you’re insane?”
If I accept all things I see, it’s plain
That acting on advice from spirit’s realm
In this hard world means no one’s at the helm
For spirit scarcely grasps the misery
That comes from taking too much liberty
With one’s live body — I’m thus down to Earth
Yet I don’t doubt because there’s any worth
To worrying about my state of mind
Which needn’t heed ghouls demons gods combined.

“Why doubt — because you’ve turned against the Lord?”
If you mean Jesus, my twin’s in accord
With things I’ve often seen and often said
According to his words you cite; instead
If you sensed how profound is the degree
Divine compassion warms both you and me
Your point of view like mine could be defined:
I needn’t be led ’round for I’m not blind.
You’re overly concerned about my fall;
The truth is that I hardly doubt at all.

Thanks always returns

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