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“You might as well live.”
    ~ Dorothy Parker, “Résumé” (1925)

When you’ve been such a loser
For so long
That the world
And you could hardly care
Whether you live or die
How convenient
There’s a nutcase waving a gun
Right here for you to taunt
Yeah buddy
Lemme have it if you’re such a Bozo
He’s turning red
Real incensed
All right hotshot
Let’s see if you can hit me, moron!
Strange how the bullet feels
When it finally comes
Almost an apology
Since this is no mortal wound
Only a chunk of flesh missing
Over the hip
The shock of it more numbing than excruciating
Even as pants turn sticky with blood
How convenient
There’s a mountain lion right outside the door
You walk out limping
Offer a taste
Come over here kitty kitty kitty
Sk sk sk sk sk!
He peers with lowered gaze
Stalks closer
Partially hides himself by the nearest shrub
Don’t be bashful
Here take a taste of this hand
Fresh raw organic
Like all the rest
Full of bone and good chewy gristle
He draws back
Grasps a couple fingers and bites
Just hard enough to make clear
How painful this’ll be: sure you want this?
No worries — it’ll be over fast
Trust your predatorial abilities
He lets go
You offer your bloody hip
As he turns to leave
You know the healing will be painful
Because it’s already begun

Thanks always returns

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