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“Work is done
  Then forgotten
  So it lasts forever”
     ~ Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, chapter 2

Love’s easy to demonstrate
The little things make you aware
Just a cute statement like “Grandma has to go to the bathroom”
Clear enough that even a toddler playing with his trucks on the rug knows
Why no one’s present for awhile
That he’s not really alone

Some said an old lady shouldn’t have to care for a kid
Anymore she’s had so many
In truth I was looking after her
For those few years
Her funeral came way too late for me
What’s the difference between
Hundreds of miles
And death

After they thought they’d dragged me
To the big town
I had just the two of them to learn from
Everyone else so foreign with their accents
Some fashionably cliquish
Some over-spittoon-ready and twangy
Some coolly flavored by the still ghetto
I hardly understood
What I heard and drifted
Regardless of my rootedness to that old patch
Of Allegheny land
Those hundreds of miles
Back to them

From her I learned detachment in faith
Decisiveness intent self-reliance
Make a choice and stick
Spirit over body
Faith over works
Who cares what the world may think
Or whether there might’ve been better options
Whatever concern may arise
Just barrel through
There may as well be no one else
In any scenario

From him I learned detachment in acts
Performed in quiet
Body over spirit
Works over faith
Who cares what the outcome may be
In the best or worst case
He’s just another one of the rabbits
That he keeps out back in the raised hutch
Whether the day brings sunset or butchering
Why be concerned joyous anxious moody bitter vain
Things just happen
Rabbits never complain

Because they thought they’d dragged me
To church Sundays they must’ve had the notion
They were raising an old-fashioned follower
Of empty words
Of half-hearted preachers
Of Jesus
How could they
In the midst of transferring those moribund values
Not realize they effectively raised an older-fashioned non-follower
Or maybe a follower of nothing
Of raw emptiness
Of Tao
Of drift

Thanks always returns

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