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“No, I have no regrets.”

One of love’s truest voices,
If you’ve ever regretted
The early abandonment
The life of the bordello the circus
The street performances vocal and acrobatic
The early blindness thankfully early passing
The altered states of your mother’s legacy
The false accusations of murder
The too early passing
Of Marcelle and Marcel
Your beautiful songs
Have never showed a bit of it
Except when they’ve made
Their most poignant points
About love
The one word of advice
You have for us all.

You went from nowhere
To national icon
Part of the world stage
In the pink
Out of the street
Delivering as though you’re still there.

You’re a friend
To the nobody caberet singer
And Mômone
To the music
And the spoiled life
Which nobody need regret
Since you’ve known as well as any the meaning
Of the loneliness poverty malnutrition despair
Flowing through your songs
Even as you make another overpowered attempt
To perform knowing why
The show must go on.

Thanks always returns

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