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“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”
    ~ Muhammad Ali

Far from home
From the familiar
From the mundane the trodden the past
From the passionate lovers
From the run of the land
From its comforting scent
From everything but the expectations:
Are these the real goals
To test to temper to lose
Somewhere amidst exotic climes
What other sense
Drifts in with each new chart
To guide or be corrected
Until the destination’s reached
Until its meaning’s changed
Until the unrecognizable
Returning after years
Long forgotten if not unwanted
Are met with wry skepticism
Though only hearts may express
The tired directive:
Go back where you came from
If you ever were one of us
You’re no comfort
Or you wouldn’t have left
In the first place
We don’t know you
Like you were never here
Like idiots
Like the time has arrived
To go lose yourselves again!
Attentive as they’ve become
They take this in
Bearing faint smiles
For who knows anyone
Even if they’re ourselves
For who has no home
So belongs everywhere
For what other purpose
Served by these voyages
Could ever have been
So they answer:
Yes we’ll go
And when we’ll go
We’ll bring you with us

Thanks always returns

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