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For those who’d like to pretend that the world’s favorite pain killer kills only pain

“Jane says ‘I’ve never been in love
  I don’t know what it is’
  Only knows if someone wants her”
    ~ Jane’s Addiction, “Jane Says” from the album Jane’s Addiction (1987)

It’s one of the most common scans of all time
At checkouts from pole to pole
Those pushing it don’t get accused of a crime
As using relieves the soul

Its makers don’t tout its affectless effect
On man woman girl & boy
With studies done late which of us would suspect
We’re freed from despair & joy

Its freedom is from the most wondrous of highs
As well as the gravest of lows
We’re free to experience someone’s wracked cries
And never too much mind those

It’s coursing through veins all around us right now
Yet who’s going to make so bold
To realize its drag on our culture and how
The world’s made that much more cold

It’s not our conviction to set ourselves free
From feelings that once ran strong
But just our addiction that won’t let us see
We’ve stomached it far too long

    May 2015

Thanks always returns

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