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“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
  Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”
    ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

While the others in computer literacy
With one bright exception
Took on just the assignments from the list
Like checking numerical input
To be sure it was all numbers
Then doing some calculations with them
Fahrenheit to Celsius conversions
Or yeses if they were primes
I decided to write a video game
Starting with shape tables
That I learned to move by code
I wrote initially in
Applesoft Basic
Thinking I could recode
Some key routines in 6502 assembler
For speed
But then I found
I liked the slowness
My ship’s homely jerkiness
As I moved it by pressing keys
And launched its lightning bolts
At targets that shimmered
While meteors lurched through the background
And of course there was
My own corny brand of sound effects
It was easy to win
And really not that bad overall
Since it caught the eye of Miss H
Whose policy against video games
In her computer literacy class
Must’ve meant that just after she meted to me
A minor corporal punishment
The one touch of a woman I ever knew
At that school
I had to assume that she remembered
I’d mentioned
This project
And realized I was only testing it
As I quietly pressed Control-C
Not in submission
Just to prove her realization correct
In return she might’ve somehow
Shared her thoughts
But while I imagined her
Maybe apologetic
Maybe curious
Maybe even mildly impressed
Or as she was yet another of the unanimous athletic women
And would go on to coach some girl team or other next period
Delighting in inspiring extraverted lesbian interest
Over long thoughtful application of introverted skill
More likely sneering
Neither of us said a word

Thanks always returns

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