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“‘Oh, hush!’ said his mother, vaguely shocked. ‘You mustn’t say anything against the Machine.’”
    ~ E. M. Forster, “The Machine Stops” (1909)

Okay Glass
How ‘bout you send the car down to the grocery
And fetch me a cold six-pack
Doing what you do best
Lets me do what I do best
Lounge my best until you pour me one
If the road there and back is breaking to pieces from neglect
If the store has sold out to crappy selections and high prices
If the blockheads along the way are hurling insults or firing bullets
Need I be concerned about it all
When you read how I feel and make it right
The more I let mechanism take over the dirty work
The more I accomplish
My ideas all realized with just an incantation
I’m worth it
Why else would you be listening?

    September 2014

Thanks always returns

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