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“As soon as we think that the finger is the moon, we will no longer look in the direction the finger is pointing.”
    ~ Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Keys, First Three Leaves Press Edition (2005)

“I gave you that [whatever]
  And now that I’ve [used method of communication]
  Asking you to take [mode of transportation]
  To visit me at [place]
  Because of [event]
  As of [date]
  I certainly won’t feel [offense]
  If you’re too occupied with [pretext]
  To spend [amount of time]
  With me doing [activity]
  Because I’m so [type of selflessness]
  That I can readily be [state of denial]
  Regarding my crass [selfish emotional modality]
  Regardless of your [attitude]
  Toward my [character trait]
  Since I gave you that [whatever]
  With no trace of [expectation]
  That you would feel [obligation].”

“As much as I appreciate your [transferring]
  To me your so [positive attribute]
  And wonderful [whatever]
  I certainly hope you’ll [successfully delve]
  In your [seat of consciousness]
  To find the [ability]
  To forgive me for getting stuck with [compulsion]
  Brought about by [pretext]
  Because I really am too [style of preoccupation]
  With [side-effects of aforementioned compulsion]
  To be able to take [mode of transportation]
  For any sort of [event]
  Requiring [amount of time]
  Though I truly am [yearning emotional modality]
  To be at [place]
  By your side on [date].”

“Now that you’ve missed [date]
  And still have my [whatever]
  I hereby [condemn]
  You to [undesirable consequences]
  Thanks to your [dishonest characteristic]
  Which is a reflection on your [home life]
  For which you’re [degree of lacking in guilt]
  Since this is all the result of [social dysfunction]
  In which you [developed]
  Your [world view]
  And thus my [oh so wholesome reaction]
  Is entirely [proper]
  As it [positively functions]
  To [reinforce]
  Your [compliance with conventions]
  That are [surely beneficial]
  To your [acting as a cog in the machine of industrial civilization]
  So go ahead and keep my [whatever]
  Bearing in mind that it will [serve]
  To help you [gain understanding of the wisdom of society].”

“Thank you.”

Thanks always returns

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