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“There must be something inside”
    ~ Adam Ant, “Goody Two Shoes” from the album Friend or Foe (1982)

to be a good
boy I never make much
trouble always shampoo my
hair brush my
teeth stand up
straight arrive
on time nicely
appreciate the
ladies holding
the door polite
for them never
touching what
now’s the pay
trouble’s gone
heavy my hair
far receded my
teeth ground my
back all busted my
time running narrow
and no one ever really
wanted me for to hold
even a door

    The arrow showed up holistically
    Complete with approximately its final wording overnight as I was finishing “Doubt
    Together with the idea that the final article represents a taut woman,
    The bow someone not in the picture, and
    The archer the aspect of the world taking aim at the style of goodness
    That sets people beneath itself;
    When I booted the rig to capture it next morning the Rods from God showed up
    As the top headline; these weapons invented by the same guy who authored
Lucifer’s Hammer
    Involve the same concept described in that story, except they’re human made
    Though heavy as the trouble of the poem
    And he was gone just as I captured this too
    Jerry though there’ll always be someone’s handiwork aimed back at your heavenly toys
    Rest in peace

    September 2017

Thanks always returns

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