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“You can take the boy out of the country
  But you can’t take the country out of the boy”
    ~ author unknown

They achieved their victory
Catching the people unawares
Wild-eyed and exotic they charged
Slaying most of the men
Enslaving anyone who couldn’t escape
That’s all long since over
For her the dream never dies
Family warmth love
A man’s undying passion
Children growing strong and true
She’s seduced one of their bravest
Thrown in her lot with his
Gone with him far from her birthplace
Gladly enough
As home’s where the heart is
There’s no place like home

They returned honorably
Bearing the spoils of conquest
Precious metals jewels and such women
Wild-eyed and exotic they stared
At this wordless introduction
To a community acting cool
To citizens of a race unfamiliar to them
That’s all long since over
For him the dream never dies
Glorious deeds
Worthy of bards’ undying songs
The brown soil of his birth
Such prowess virtue wide-ranging taste
As to impress his demanding women
To always beckon and welcome
As home’s the familiar and known
There’s no place like home

Who comprehends destiny
His interest in these awkward women
Who gets a second chance
At marriage motherhood eventual recognition
As wise old crone
Who comprehends enthrallment
By least gesture or style
A strange manner of speaking
Who gets choices in this world of drastic change
That’s long since over
Who comprehends the genes’ call
A woman’s predisposition
Toward peace and familial bliss
Extending across land and race
A man’s need to ride off yet again
To fight capture return
Flush with strange lore lands creatures people
Who comprehends home

She might become employed
In a future life
As office worker manager technologist
Facing the community acting cool
Like she knows her stuff
Like one of the guys
Knowing too well the truth
Out of control
Out of reality
Out of companions
If it weren’t for the dog
She trains in agility
As if that was its purpose
Forced to feign competence and youth
That’s long since over
Isolated in an oversized cold house
Who comprehends the comfort
She once knew even among a strange tribe
Compared to the madness
Of growing up and growing old
Foreign in her native home

Thanks always returns

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