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How to create a monster

“I just don’t care...”
    ~ Kimberley Davis

It’s easy
Only the delivery’s tough
Then while you’ve got better things to do
Than waste your time with her
Buy those toys jewelry make-up a prom dress a flashy car
By the time day care’s taught her
What every savvy kid knows
How to look cool
How to act cool
How you can never be away from your screen
By the time they’ve started calling that environment school
Some clueless old farts will yammer about career & studies
Well, she knows what matters
From every infomercial & music video
It’s the preparation before the mirror
The wiggle of the hips
The untouchable attitude
That gets the girls jealous
That gets the guys speechless
That gets her ahead each step of the way
First the role in the festival
Then the jobs the photographers the night clubs the
Clients the corporate ladder the polite societies
The courtroom with its inability to imagine
Being made to behave as though she cared
How convenient she’s one of the half that’s been
So oppressed by a long dastardly history
Of patronizing & shame that now
She’s got every reason to demand her freedom
To show the callous & arrogant world
Starting with this dweeb
Whose bicycle’s just dented her flashy car
How great she is

    April 2014

Thanks always returns

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