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“I send down cool sounds!
  But there are no ears to hear me.”
    ~ Carl Wendell Hines, Jr., “Two Jazz Poems”

Why is vulnerability uncool
Why must I impress
To get so-called ahead
What’s wrong with where I stand right now
Shall I be dehumanized
For money prestige love
How do I ever know I’m right
How can I have confidence
Who’ll care
Should I grow quietly desperate with loneliness
Who’ll respond
Should I lack the interest of others
Who can I trust
Why would anyone show appreciation
When they can always measure it
Making me work struggle debase myself
Never to achieve it
No matter what skill and talent I develop
Why bother
Who loves
Isn’t the best muse the most unsupportive
Unimpressed unmoved invulnerable
The coolest
Less than human
Unaware of the full range of living experience
Doesn’t vulnerability open the heart
Free the mind
Loose the flow
Of creativity
Become the key
Through which I can share
Through music
Through art
Through verse
Through the darkness of a coolly uncaring world
Pain not deep enough
Mystery not profound enough
Subtlety not crafty enough
To rattle the invincible veneer
To reveal the hard the aloof the invulnerable as the mere
Posturing that it is
What’s the reality
Isn’t this world
Where people are free
To expose their true nature
Regardless of judgment
Where people are equal
In their humanity
Regardless of impression
Where people are artful
To appreciate the beauty in each other
Regardless of warmth or coolness
A world that asks itself
Why is vulnerability uncool
Why should anything human be cool
Could it be mine?

Thanks always returns

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