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“Unhappy the land that is in need of heroes.”
    ~ Bertolt Brecht, Life of Galileo (1938)

Watch out for spent needles down that trail
Aw, why bug me about this place — those show up right along the boardwalk
Oh yeah, we’ve been picking them up by the hundreds off the beaches
Really? Who are you?
Folks no one’s listening to
So if anyone was listening what would you say?
Take this open space; it could be growing
Food for the homeless rather than weeds for some cattle or horses to graze
Right, to keep down the taller brush where those homeless sleep
That and shoot up, but even among the nice homes with fruit
Falling off trees to rot in the yards we’ve had no luck
Having owners collect it
Homeowners? They could’ve at least told you there was no reason
For leaving food on sidewalks that have seen no one
Admit a problem
Not our managers in the local gov’t we have
Titles you can’t comprehend
I see these millennials can’t afford to keep their teeth but say
So how well do they set you up for housing yourselves?
They stop smiling
The official poverty line is way over our incomes which
Never change just like a lot of things around here
But when I return a few weeks later there’s a difference
The park benches now have strong metal armrests these nice folks
Were made to install right in the middle of each
How convenient

    September 2017

Thanks always returns

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