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Just dropping in

“You taught us this just as well
  That the rich man heaven is the poor man’s hell”
    ~ Peter Tosh, “Burial” from the album Legalize It (1975)

I paid a visit to heaven
Or one of them
Man what a curious place
I guess I’d expected
To find joy reflected
Upon every radiant face
But keeping a joyful appearance
Through eons
Had etched in quite more than a trace
Of interest in what through fear
None could name
As the endpoint of falling from grace

I paid a visit to hell
Or a few of them
Man some of us get no breaks
From pain self-inflicted
Because we’ve restricted
Ourselves to whatever pain takes
Pain is a natural signal
Informing us
How to not make more mistakes
Like holding on tight
To a view that just might
Rise from somebody else’s heartaches

When I’ll drop off
This high-maintenance Earth
Man that’ll be quite a vacation
I won’t need a meeting
With saints or hounds greeting
And locking me in my next station
I’ll give ’em the slip
And go make my own trip
To some faraway plane, orb, or nation
Then come back to tell you
Without trying to sell you
There’s more to life than condemnation

    October 2016

Thanks always returns

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