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Last of family values

“В самом деле, резкая красота усопшей казалась страшною. Может быть, даже она не поразила бы таким паническим ужасом, если бы была несколько безобразнее.”
“In fact, the dead girl’s sharp beauty seemed dreadful. She may not even have struck such a panic terror, had she been a tad ugly.”
    ~ Nikolai Gogol, “Viy” from the Mirgorod stories (1835)

Born to bear the face
     Of the modern corporation
         As if the gods themselves labor
             For miserable wages
She smiles
     With only some passing satisfaction
         Beyond the hope of human touch
     As best of breed
     As delivery on time
     As quality for savings
     But through regular channels
     As the expectations that must be met
     As the show that must go on
     As the paramount image
     As a crapshoot
     As a business not a charity
     So I want her to hurt me
         And know it
             Then we’ll both know
The meaning of a true relationship
     Is that we matter
         This talk of freedom
             Is the cheapest kind
May she be anything but
     Theirs but
         Their emotionally brain-dead effigy
             But gone

    May 2016

Thanks always returns

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