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In music
Practice practice practice

In carpentry
Measure twice, cut once

In litigation
Be a judge

In planning
Don’t put things off

In troubleshooting
There’s no problem

In art
Express express express

In investing
Buy low, sell high

In gardening
Reap as you sow

In evolving
Sink or swim

In claims
Collection is the key

In selling
Disclose disclose disclose

In challenges
I think I can

In religion
Remember your essence

In decline
Que será será

In soldering
The bigger the blob, the better the job

In relationships
Think first of the other person

In climbing
Use a good rope

In parenting
Bond bond bond

In competition
Play fair

In living
Be here now

In song
Project project project

In software development
Test, then code

In love
Give everything

In nature
Breathe breathe breathe

In sanctuaries
Pray for peace

In real estate
Location location location

In dining
Relax, chew, enjoy

In water
Heads up

In growth
No pain, no gain

In wisdom
Every day something’s dropped

In dance
Feel the beat

In adventure
It’s the journey

In scuffles
I can defend myself

In battle
Prepare to die

In chess and steering
Look ahead

In conversation
Listen listen listen

In politics
Can’t we all just get along

In time
Let go

In deciding when to quit
The best is the enemy of the good

In bed
Just lie in darkness and dream

In everything
Love love love

    ~ Elements of this are attributable to
       Rodney King,
       Young Taek Yu,
       Tom Van Vleck,
       Ram Dass,
       The Man Who Knew Too Much,
       Gerald Bowden,
       Paul Williams,
       Dave Packard,
       Edith Piaf,
       Lao Tzu,
       The Little Engine that Could,
       the universal Problem Solving Flowsheet,
       and a pile of age-old adages

Thanks always returns

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