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“The belief in hell is what prevents you from understanding the present, because you are afraid of it.”
    ~ A Course in Miracles, chapter 15, p. 281, Foundation for Inner Peace, eighth printing (Dec. 1980)

How might you be harmed
As I slash the lines you’ve cast into me
Sending back these strands precious as your blood
Seeking all your hooks to tear them loose
Ripping them jagged from deep in my flesh
Bleeding myself of your essence in which they were dipped
Feeling every single rended gash referring through my
    chakras nadis points glands bowels
       liver chi invigoration
          five element recirculation

How might I be harmed
As from the center of my head I reach and grip you
Dragging your struggling form from out of me
    out of this place
       out over White Rock
          out, out over Zayante Canyon and Lompico
             further out over the frigid bay
                over the open ocean past the point
Dredging from beneath the churning surface a scarlet rose
    huge and glistening beneath you
Plunging you deep within its velvet folds
Pinning you suffocated in its scarlet blood
Drenching the blossom with you inside
    in liquid napalm
       and explosive toluene
Lighting the fuse that sparks madly
Blasting all of it to fragments with a terrific concussion
    to scatter the petals that fall from the white-hot shock wave
       across the open water
          shards of your bones and granules of your ashes
             upon the waves
Sucking your remains with plant pieces downward through a golden vortex
    down, and further down beyond the sea floor
       yet further down through solid granite and molten lava
          down, and further down to the magnetic core
             that shall hold your molten ruins trapped

How might you be healed
As from the midst of this cold dark night that has
     descended upon my soul
        I glimpse above the eastern ridge the first golden rays
           of an enormous brilliant sun
Rising to fill the sky in blazing light
Summoning with its vast gravity each trace
     of me that I’ve carelessly strewn
           each passing thought lodged at each passing place
              each feeling that’d been left there as a reminder
           dislodged and sucked fiercely to join
        the enormous brilliant sun
     as it slowly, ponderously circles toward me
Pausing swollen in suspended motion directly overhead
Descending with radiance
Plunging refulgent into my double crown
Suffusing my whole being with fluid warmth
Coursing through my blood all crimson tinged with golden heat
Flowing through my veins from my core outward
     through my extremities then beyond
Filling each wound and scar with shimmering splendor
Rendering body and soul whole and ardent again
     water nourishing earth growing wood burning with
        fire producing air from which condenses water
           the endless cycle of my being
Wrapping me snug in a warm blanket of energy
     colorful tapestry
        halo completely enveloping me
           as I guide my multicolored highlighter
              round and round and round me
                 liquid rainbow colors in warm smooth bands
                    forming a vibrant oiled surface
                       through which no harm may pass
                          for harm shall slide around or bounce off

How might I be healed
As I bend to kiss the ground in deepest gratitude
Overflowing with intense golden energy
Animating all Earth
     from my hands
        from my feet
           from the brilliant uncontainable light that is me
        from the base of my spine downward in an arc of gold
                                         goes my monkey tail
     down, and further down through sandstone and clay
        yet further down through solid obsidian and seething magma
           down, and further down to wrap the endless cycle
        of the core
           that shall breathe of all the life that is forever
Thanking all Earth which gives me life and breath
     for I’m told
        thanks always returns

   I credit many of these images to

Thanks always returns

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