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“Let’s try Interdependence Day instead... Interdependence Day is about celebrating the interconnected web of life.”
    ~ Julia Butterfly Hill, The Legacy of Luna, chapter 13 (2000)

Three magi took a journey
Thoughtful generous worldly
From China to California
Fu Lu Shou their names
Arriving at my humble abode
Where they now grace the mantle in this kitchen
Luck wealth health their gifts
Conferred in absolute gladness
A trinity of blessings

Three persons took a journey
Forgiving guiding loving
Unto the whole of Creation
Angels devils ourselves
At my call gracing this humble kitchen
Overwhelming me in the beauty
Of the world to which I’m called back
With them at my side
An ascension of spirits

Three women took a journey
Lovable humorous earthy
Each to the depth of my being
Flesh blood breath become theirs
As I picture them all gracing this kitchen
Frolicking fondling enraptured
Heads thrown back
Faces in delight
A Pentecost of miracles

One I love by body
Childlike with constant needs for me to fill
One I love by mind
Puzzling riddling quizzing to heart’s content
One I love by soul
Agape compassion reserved for angels
Including those few who might dwell here
In this world
Could be even in this kitchen
A trine of heavenly bodies

How can I love each person uniquely
If not because through years of lonely reflection
I’ve learned to return the signals they send
By their own light
The love they need

Thanks always returns

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