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Misery’s end

“It is my prayer and my hope that I will always and only be an offering.”
    ~ Julia Butterfly Hill, The Legacy of Luna, epilogue (2000)

Once too much hygiene has ruined immunity
Once too many calories have reduced energy
Once too much flashiness has induced boredom
Once too many gadgets have gone to the dump
Once too many people have become unintuitive
Once too many times we’ve been conditioned to see
Only what we see
In painstaking detail right before
The rest of the world
Has relegated itself to the periphery
The once miraculous periphery
Rendered trite
Once like robots we’ve learned to accept
Legislation in lieu of community
Every word deed gesture politically aimed
Even at home
What was once home
Once the heart’s frozen
Once the spirit’s institutionalized
As a self-destructive lunatic
Once science prone to human error
Founded on mathematics forever incomplete
Sees only argument arising on all sides
Once wireless devices ballyhooed by one faction
Decried for their radiation by another
Lamented as an addictive waste of time by yet another
As food grown through chemistry
Defamed as unnatural
Cotton versus synthetic
Which breathes
Which prevents flow
Once we choose the second over the first
Consider a bird without wings
To be yet a bird
Whether surviving or not
Once we’re so sure
The old book’s correct
The school book’s correct
The august panel of directors and professors
Is correct
Which wins the majority’s hearts and wallets
Is a matter of money
Once human error
As allegedly lower animals predict earthquakes
Leads those who see
Clear of coming tsunamis
While those who don’t see die
By what tragedy
Once the loss of what had value
Leaves us clinging to the worthless

Don’t we doff upon the periphery
Not somebody else’s garbage
Not somebody else’s problem
Not somebody else’s tragedy
But ours

Don’t we sell out the culture
Sell out the souls
Sell out the value of a human
Without a tribe
Sell out the value of a tribe
Whose purpose becomes profit
Whose pursuit possession
Whose price exploitation
Shall shallow people experience self worth
Shall people need each other
Whether they admit or deny that need
Whether they see or don’t see their love
As the miracle it is
Whether their most cherished value becomes independence
From what
From defining the self
From facing the depth of relationship
From reaching through introspection
From the need to develop insight
Born of self-knowledge
Or born to destroy
What seems worthless
We cynics
Might grow as toxic in flesh as in spirit
Might numb ourselves
Might as well bomb it all out of existence
While brandishing values
Destroy every other culture
Destroy every other species
Destroy ourselves
The more that’s gone
The more the light goes on
Shining into souls
With nothing else left to illuminate
Revealing to our unwilling sight
Who we are

Thanks always returns

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