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“Ah civilizations stupidly industrious!”
    ~ Allen Ginsberg, “Plutonian Ode” (1978)

It’s the job of your broker
     to make this thought last
It’s the job of the future
     to give to the past
And your job to not own
     anything but a loan
Plus you need never worry
     to pay it off fast

We’ll give credit to any
     fine folks in a pinch
Who can then take advantage
     of more — it’s a cinch —
Just turn over the nest
     to the next to invest
Whom we’ll give yet more credit
     and won’t even flinch

That’s the way that we cause
     all the markets to rise
If your income’s not rising
     that’s not a surprise
You’ll just have to find ways
     to finagle a raise
If by hook or by crook
     your success is our prize

Now your government’s part
     of our neat little game
Save some tax just by paying us
     more than the same
Even if you don’t fix
     the old pipes roof or bricks
Simply find the next player
     and give them our name

    February 2018

Thanks always returns

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