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More than a creed

“O may we live each day in constant wonder...”
    ~ Hal. H. Hopson, “O Praise the Lord, Who Made All Beauty” based on lyrics from a French carol (1973)

We don’t believe in wrong or right
    or what we sense to be
Or gods or hells or heavens
    or things claimed with certainty,
But do perceive a purpose
    underlying all we see,
And if the mind that holds it
    may be called divinity
We feel that’s all there is,
    and all the rest illusory,
Appearing as to train us
    or for some unspoken aim
Toward kindness, thanks, awareness
    which are after all the same,
That life is more
    than all too philosophical a game,
That nature’s wild details,
    synchronicities, yet tame
Repeating of arrangements
    to have life exist at all,
Bring such ongoing wonder
    that we have no way to fall —
Despite what heartbreaks,
    struggles and endeavors come to call
With rich experience —
    from grace we know as we are small.

    October 2016

Thanks always returns

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