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One person

“You say, ‘But Billy, I’m only one person.’
  Ah, yes, but when you make your decision, it is America through you making its decision.”
    ~ Billy Graham, “America’s Decision” (1953)

Just as I am
A whole planet gazes
Upon itself through Americanized eyes
That need to see enough of foreign threat terror racism sex drugs or rock & roll
That we all get
Collectively what we need
Playing the game of acceptance to beg
The Lamb of God
Spare all the fate of a Gomorrah abandoned
To a doctrine of war against evil
Divisive enough to condemn any seeming to veer
From a unity sustainable only by its own ever rightward shift
Back I come
Individual as any indulged collective
In thousands before the cameras
In millions before the TVs
Within America
Even the more without
Any one person like you
Having found no other
We’re repenting in our hearts

Let there be peace on Earth
And let it begin with the whole planet
Appreciating promoting empowering depending
As much as any Lamb or Lion
Or any game of sanctimony forfeited from embarrassment
Unworthy of reward in the hereafter
Of foreign threat terror racism sex drugs even rock & roll
Be thou my vision that I may observe
The reason I need extrinsic troubles
Of a divided nation’s manifest abandon
Of global destiny you’ve foretold
Having found no other
But the ever rightward shift
Could those turning the other cheek be those consuming
Toward arrogant vanity only to beg
The king of kings playing the game of hide & seek
Set even the oxen free to accept
The love in our souls
All we need
To be united

Amazing Grace
That touched you at the verge of rosebud relief
One global empire touched off another
Of days numbered as those of one person
Leaving cause for wonder
The deeper wonder was you
True believer
Ever at the crest of the ever rightward shift
Unlike so many who’ve abandoned the game of pretense to beg
Humble humanity’s compassion
We can name a few
The overwrought overblown & shallow might as well know
One person shares
Verses against a backdrop of deeper trouble
Than foreign threat terror racism sex drugs or rock & roll
On how the Lion’s share would only increase
At the price of the Lamb’s sacrifice
A whole planet could be saved
If one person stood yet valued
Even respectable
Against the backdrop of the despicable

Just as we are
’Twas Grace that taught our hearts to fear
At relief
For who’ll replace you at the head
As bling regardless of bishops always has its pope to beg
The ever rightward shift founded on the balance you’ve tended
In Jesus’ name
Held not through Grace alone at the highest standard
Such savvy & ecumenism in one person
Accepting charismatics’ gains as revival results
Accepting stained glass Presbyterianism as best suited for mere presidency
Accepting if not foreign threat terror racism sex drugs then eventually
At least rock & roll
You take the game to the next level
As always
Though we know we’re one
Amid the backsliding sure to come & all
The abandoned frothing at the mouth
Nuclear armed divisiveness
Am I too just one person
Just as a whole planet
Missing you, Billy.

    February 2018

Thanks always returns

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