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One true purpose

“You are the fire of love
  You don’t know.”
    ~ Berlin, “You Don’t Know” from the album Count Three & Pray (1986)

O church O church
Don’t you know your higher purpose
Is in fact your only purpose
It’s not politics or rules
It’s not showing off your labors
It’s not walling off your neighbors
It’s accepting them and loving them
Though you & they seem fools

O church O church
You’ll remember that your mission
Isn’t praise or admonition
Isn’t sermons bent on hell
Isn’t holding forth some square views
But the sharing of the good news
No less than the great commission
Is your purpose to do well

O church O church
If but two who love each other
Can’t make clear to one another
That their purpose is sincere
Then all hope for all relation
From the homeless population
To the wealthy of the nation
Is foregone, and doom is near

O church O church
Yet you stand here to remind us
That we’re loved as love will find us
This world can’t stay as it’s been
I just hope that if I let it
Show its love I won’t regret it
As for those who just don’t get it
Love is on the cross again

    July 2017

Thanks always returns

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