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Original sin

“...the unborn child is a deeply sensitive individual...”
    ~ Thomas R. Verny, Nurturing the Unborn Child (1991)

Oh no was conceived on a rash sultry night
Her mother had come the same way
As grandma whose spark had caused just the same fright
Like forebears too many to say

Oh no wore a rag and the word went all ‘round
Shall oh no soon be born again?
Too soon & oh no will be so well hell bound
Disowning her shan’t be a sin

Oh no will first have to earn money you see
To bring back to her family
Through college & office & big shopping spree
She’ll build all the economy

Oh no never may be a burden oh no
Shall earn for herself on her own
With her independence we’ll placidly know
The next oh no happens alone

Oh no saw that tears could’ve no longer gone
Down cheeks thus defeated and worn
Amazed at how life’s ever carrying on
Yet moreso at why she was born

    October 2017

Thanks always returns

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