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“...their overuse is making them dangerous.”
    ~ The Washington Post Health & Science section (July 28, 2014)

For years we’ve known that they were overused.

The experts smugly made themselves amused
Because we said that they were overused.

Resistant bugs got pill-by-pill infused
While experts confidently stood amused
All while we warned that they were overused.

The regulator’s powers were defused
As superbugs farm animals infused
The experts keeping steadfastly amused
At our concern that they were overused.

Big pharma firms’ own studies were enthused
Thus regulators all the more defused
As fast-grown livestock by more strains infused
Left experts straining to yet be amused
At our assertion they were overused.

The illness rates left researchers confused
As pharma firms’ own studies stayed enthused
And regulators’ powers stayed defused
Though animal-to-human tracts infused
The experts not consistently amused
That we kept saying they were overused.

The mainstream news now says they’re overused
Though illness leaves the misled souls confused
At pharma firms’ own studies yet enthused
Since drugs that kill directly aren’t defused
Resistant strains the more folks have infused
And experts have no cause to be amused
For years we’ve known that they were overused.

    August 2014

Thanks always returns

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