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“Tao given as Tao isn’t Tao Eternal
  Name given a name isn’t Name Eternal
  Unformed is the name of the beginning of the spiritual and the physical
  Formed is the name of the mother of countless objects
  Desire, eternally unformed, alone presents the real
  Desire, eternally formed, presents the given
  The two emerge together yet are given different names
  The dark is given form
  In the dark within the dark lies the threshold of awareness”
    ~ Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, chapter 1

Those talking most of God
Don’t know God
Those dreaming most of sex
Don’t get laid
Those thinking they’re most weird
Aren’t that odd
Those scrounging most for cash
Don’t get paid

Those longing for the past
Watch it pass
Those longing for romance
Let it go
Those longing for the fine
Are too crass
Those longing for the real
Are a show

Those counting every ounce
Are the fat
Those pinching every dime
Are well off
Those calling out for change
Need just that
Those laughing at the truth
Earn a scoff

    January 2015

Thanks always returns

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