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“Who are you going to call for; what do you have to say?”
    ~ R.E.M., “Good Advices” from the album Fables of the Reconstruction (1851)

It’s really for the best you know
Those apples weren’t so yummy
We’ll find our way again to grow
Our own to feed our tummy
And if they cost a few cents more
That’s hardly cause to panic
They’ll be clean like they were before
No pesticides — organic
Some influences come across
That don’t fit and for certain
No part of that can be a loss
This is no iron curtain
Which won’t be coming back at all
The border won’t be shutting
Our local businesses this fall
Will thrive with no job-cutting
With all that said he bids adieu
No more are we connected
We know his words as he knows too
May have been intercepted
No way have we to more than guess
Just what he’s really thinking
No way he’d safely dare confess
Reform leaves his heart sinking

    September 2014

Thanks always returns

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