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Puppy cake

“Better is open rebuke
    than hidden love.”
    ~ Proverbs 27:5 (NIV)

“Puppy, I’m so glad to know you
  Know your friendship and your care
  Know your competence and wisdom
  Know the clients that we share.
  Love your big dark eyes that shine
  Love your figure fine and thin
  Love your laughter mixed with mine
  Love your fine dark chocolate skin.
  You wait with me for my guy
  To come fetch me after hours
  You make sure I’m safe, that’s why
  This short time together’s ours.
  You teach me of lovely people
  And much fascinating lore.
  You make everything seem simple;
  You say that’s what friendship’s for.
  There’s one little question in me.
  Need an answer that is true:
  Got something you could ask of me?
  I’ll do anything for you.”
“Anna, please don’t call me puppy.”
“Okay puppy.”

“Now the summer rains have passed through
  And the fall comes like a sob
  For the time has come to leave you
  Since my guy has lost his job.
  I’ll go with him to the west coast;
  While you stay here on the east
  You and JJ shall I miss most.”
“Anna, just check out this feast:
  Here’s a cake of fine dark chocolate;
  There’s a frosting on it too
  In the image of a puppy
  Made of rich malt, just for you.
  So let’s share it with our colleagues,
  And let’s share it with your guy.
  While you’re with him on the west coast
  You’ll remember me. Here’s why:
  All because you called me puppy.”
“Thank you puppy.”

Thanks always returns

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